Query to find Bank, Bank Account, and Bank Branches information-Oracle R12

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Query to find Bank,Accounts and Bank Branches information

SELECT cba.bank_account_name            "Bank Account Name",
       cba.bank_account_num             "Bank Account Number",

       cba.multi_currency_allowed_flag  "Multi Currency Flag",
       cba.zero_amount_allowed          "Zero Amount Flag",
       cba.account_classification       "Account Classification",
       bb.bank_name                     "Bank Name",
       bb.bank_branch_type              "Bank Branch Type",
       bb.bank_branch_name              "Bank Branch Name",
       bb.bank_branch_number            "Bank Branch Number",
       bb.eft_swift_code                "Swift Code",
        bb.description                   "Description",
       ou.name                          "Operating Unit",
       gcf.concatenated_segments        "GL Code Combination"
  FROM ce_bank_accounts          cba,
       ce_bank_acct_uses_all     bau,
       cefv_bank_branches        bb,
       hr_operating_units        ou,
       gl_code_combinations_kfv  gcf
 WHERE cba.bank_account_id = bau.bank_account_id
   AND cba.bank_branch_id  = bb.bank_branch_id
   AND ou.organization_id  = bau.org_id
   AND cba.asset_code_combination_id = gcf.code_combination_id
   AND (cba.end_date IS NULL OR cba.end_date > TRUNC(SYSDATE))
   and cba.BANK_ACCOUNT_NUM='P_Bank_account_number'--Enter account number
ORDER BY TO_NUMBER(cba.bank_account_num)

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