Problems... A ladder to achieve success

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Problems... A ladder to achieve success

Problem... a part and parcel of life. From your birth till you are alive on this earth, you go through lots of emotions, feelings of happiness and worst too, learn lots of lessons, love someone to extremes and hates  (or at least get frustrated )  someone to the same extreme. All things in life come to us as opportunity to find what we are and what we can do in life. Things come in life..Things go away from the life but only one thing which is constant in life is “Change”.
Beleive in yourself success

 In life we all have problems, we all fall, you try as much as you can to keep good work going, to get success and get things done in our favor. This does happen and while you are high on your success, suddenly one bad thing happens and everything gets spoiled. All efforts and all your hard-work, your confidence everything gets shattered. This is what happens, right? If you ask me, then yes this happens not once but lots of time...
If you ask me why... why life is like this, then from engineer perspective, I can relate life with electric current which we get through PowerStation. It’s like Sin wave, going up then again coming down and it keeps going like this till you get power, same in case of  life, you are and you will be alive internally and externally, till there are UP’s and Down’s in your life. If there is no downfall, if you don’t find challenge in your life consider yourself as dead irrespective your alive for others.
Remember one thing for sure; Life will take you through number of situations where you will have two options one is overcome the problem at any will and other is too just sit and wait something will happen in yourfavor.But if you really want to go ahead in life and do something, want to be something, then think that problem as ladder and climb on it. At the max you will fall again the same place where you are right now, nothing worse can happen than this... So go ahead face the problem. You will gain experience.
Whenever you climb and fall, remember what a small ant can do, how much dedication, commitment and will she posses. Trying to climb but falling numerous times still, she reaches her destination, now think yourself and ask if small ant can have so much big heart, how much you should have as human being. Assume problems as those balls in cricket which you need to leave and chance are those where you need to hit six. Stay patient in problems and hit six as soon as chance come to you, I am 200% sure nothing can stop you with this attitude..!!
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