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The knowledge is not something which is a static thing in your head gained by reading some books or from what people talks. It is something you gain from your experience.

Knowing the things, having static data in brain, thinking about being positive, being best…
Being can only makes you feels fine.It can give you only little push if needed but it can take you towards your destination.Whats makes a big difference is the thing is embodying(give visible form to)
You passion.

Thing which are in your mind can create internal fight,can blow your mind or it can simplify whats needs to be done but the most important thing about doing something or learning something is actually doing something.
Confuse.. you will get answer as we will proceed.

Your mind can be like horse or bullet train,it can run fast ,it can go anywhere at any speed but where to go with what speed needs to go and where to stop.If you learn these things if you started controlling your mind slowly slowly you can achieve whatever you wants and all these thing you will learn by only doing THINGS and by not just mere assumptions or imaginations.Only staying positive and saying 100 times in a day can refresh your mind but actually doing thing sin positive manner will make you and your life positive.

so concluding with topic, 
Have working knowledge,
Get hard fought knowledge,
Gain knowledge by crossing all obstacle and get SUCCESS as you wanted and as you deserved.

"Be Knowledgeable"

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