"YOU" the Ultimate source of power..

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We live in surrounding  where society matters the most.We live in world where what others will says matters the most.Sometimes we feel what are we doing.. for whom we are doing..we ourselves don't understand the fact why we are living like this which we really do not wants to live....This is not the track of my life..this is not what i really wants to do...That's Really Not ME....Remember 

                                             Society comes when "YOU" exists
                                             Relations comes when "YOU" exists
Dreams,Aim,ambitions comes when "YOU" exits
                                             Yeah when "YOU" exitssss...

You might feel all this little on selfish  point,but mark my words guys, it's "YOU" who can make things,who can break the jinx and go on to achieve the impossible things..which world never ever imagined.Its "YOU" who can climb on mountain and it's "YOU" only who can go  under-water..
Guys, it s "YOU" , yes you are the difference between god and bad.you are the living things who have power to become legend.. the Greatest creature on this beautiful earth..!!

Am i telling you something different ?? Just ask yourself at-least some point in your life, don't you feel to be king of the world.. you have all the controls on life.. happiness,sadness everything under control or it should be in control..all things you wanted are just one step away from you..move forward a one step you will get things you wants..concentrate on what you want and not whats happening with others, where they are going and how much they are successful.you can keep eye on then but you should not loose your focus..go and go hard at your dearm and crack it....lets look below photo showing what i am really talking about :

Feel the power of wisdom.The supreme power which you posses.

If  you still can not find things within yourself, i will share some thoughts which i generally applied and still works on..you need to open your eyes not just physically but internally too.you need to observe the things arround you.Start to understand whats happeinig around..why it actually happes..whats impact it si having..just try to figure out things irrespective those are good or bad.If things are good take them as inspirations and if things are not good then take them as experience and likewise build yourself.Make yourself such a person who is ground to earth to and gets humbel and honest with each and every success so as be ready to digest every failure you get in your path towards your destination.If your dreams are big,you have ambitions to become something in your life onr thing you must have is fighting sprit,you should never ever gets break down, if falirue come kicks you out of ground you should come back with much more strong attitude and wheel power with such a strong menatllity that no strom can you displace you from your position.

Concluding this post,let me tell you one thing frankly, no one can give  you real taste of success except when you achieve it by yourself so be honest to what you do.I can bet you nothing can stop you from getting what you desire if you have purity in heart and clarity in mind.So trust youself to fullest and dream big and bang...you will get that dimond..the succes the happiness the world best moment..!!

Only one thing can complete your desire is power within "YOU"
 and Only one thing can beat you is "YOU"

Feel the ultimate power within you.Be successful ,be happy and spread your happiness around the world..!! :)

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