How to make a Choice in life

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How to make a Choice in life

We human being have one of the best gift that "We are not born looser or Winner, we are born Chooser...!"

Choose what you want in life and do whatever it takes to get it or just sit and wait and cry for the things that you didn’t get choice is yours. It can take hell out of you, it can take tremendous amount hard work, In attempt to achieve what you need you will go though pain but just imagine you climbed up so high on hill then when you looked down what a great thing you have achieved. Belive me it feels so fantastic ..!! You yourself will start to admire yourself for such a journey and that beautiful destination..!! So Choose.. Decide.. and bang.. Go for it with your whole mind and soul.

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Instead of being model. Be a role model.

In life you have two choices, one is to make someone your role model and follow him and be the great successor and the other one is to do something different by yourself and make yourself Role model..!! What looks more good being than people loves you and wants to be like you..!! It feels awesome right. J Yeah… it will feel awesome but just before you make out this choice make yourself to be ready for all the awesome..Fantastic and unbelievable obstacles which are going to come in your path.. Make those rocks of speed breakers as you stepping stone and BOOM… reach your dreamy life.. !! Choice is yours.

What if you choose something and you failed to achieve that.. Remember one thing.. "Every worst thing also teaches us the best thing" !!  so be brave and go for it.. If after all you planning and hard work you failed.. Never give up on it.. Just keep one thing back of your mind "Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck" Life is ain’t only about being lucky or not but we need to have stroke of luck needed at particular instant of time in life.

IF you still finding it difficult to get right choice, look at below simple but yet effective 5 tips which can help you to make a right choice:

1. Remember that failure is a pre-requisite for success so Remove any FEARS associated with making the decision.

2. If the voice inside your head is starting to repeat its-self, switch it off! This is over-analysis in action and over-thinking makes things more difficult. Try getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper to structure your thinking.

3. Tune in for any ‘instinctive’ feelings associated with the decision you’re about to make. Be careful not to confuse ‘instinct’ with ‘desire’. Try sitting with your decision for a while to see if it ‘lingers’ before taking action.

4. The most important thing is to Keep a balance between your head and your heart – you don’t want to throw logic out of the window, however it’s important to listen to your gut.

5. Check in with your morals. Ask yourself "Is what I’m about to do does it involves benefit of everyone?"

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IF you have any questions or you want to add your experiences in life of being chooser and how it changed your life please free to comment below so other can take help of your example.

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